22 de ago de 2023

High energy efficiency results in A++ ecoscore for our Nio radiology displays

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Did you know? Our Nio Color 2MP and 3MP displays are labeled as A++ according to our ecoscoring methodology. Even though we make this process stricter every year, we’re happy to see that our product teams do even better with each new product!

Up to 43% higher energy efficiency than predecessors

The biggest factor contributing to the Nio Color 2MP and 3MP monitors’ fantastic score is their high energy efficiency. The 2MP and 3MP displays’ power saving capabilities have been significantly optimized, making them respectively score 43% and 29% better than their predecessors.

Halogen-free components

Halogens have been used in technology for a long time, but they are toxic materials. The Nio Color 2MP and 3MP displays contain 100% halogen-free cables and printed circuit boards, and all smaller plastic parts are halogen-free as well.

84% recycled cardboard packaging

The Nio Color 2MP and 3MP’s packaging logistics have also been optimized. Boxes contain only country-specific power cords and the cardboard consists of 84% recycled materials. On top of that, the package weight is kept to a minimum, which allows for more transport flexibility.

Zero painted housing

Plastics that are painted often hinder recycling processes, because of the chemicals they contain. The Nio Color 2MP and 3MP displays’ housings are completely unpainted, making it easier to recycle these parts after the display has reached its end of life. Additionally, the displays have also been optimized to facilitate easy disassembling.

It’s a Barco display: long lifetime guaranteed

Of course, on top of the Nio Color 2MP and 3MP displays’ excellent ecoscore also comes the usual Barco promise: our industry-leading 5-year warranty, whereby we guarantee 20,000 consistent backlight hours. On top of that, spare parts for these models will remain available in our repair center until no less than 7 years after the monitors’ end-of-life dates.

Gradually making our product portfolio greener

The Coronis Fusion 4MP and 6MP radiology displays were the first Barco medical displays to receive an A ecoscore in 2019. They were followed by the MDPC-8127 display for digital pathology and Nio Fusion 12MP monitor in 2021, which both received A+ ratings. We are happy that our newest Nio Color 2MP and 3MP displays now crown the list with an A++ label.