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This product is available for the Chinese market only.

Barco’s first network centric single-chip DLP HDTV projector with a 16:9 screen aspect ratio and a light output of  2,500 ANSI lumens. Optimized for color performance thanks to BrilliantColor technology and RGBRGB colorwheel. Ideally suited for businesses that require viewing video and images, without compromising on the collaboration features.

The first HDTV single chip DLP™ projector for information sharing and collaboration.
Barco is expanding its line of iCon projectors with the iCon H250. Widely acknowledged by the market for it’s unique functionalities, an iCon projector improves your business efficiency by incorporating network-centric and multi-windowing features. The iCon H250 uses an RGBRGB color wheel to produce a rich color DLP quality image in true 1920x1080 HDTV resolution, perfect for HD 16:9 video display. By outperfoming the competition, Barco’s new iCon projectors are reshaping professional projection.


Integrated display server for exciting multi-site collaboration

  • Multi-site collaboration, with the ability to perform real-time interaction and file sharing between remote sites
  • Advanced picture-in-picture functionality for displaying multiple sources, both video and data
  • Up to four external sources can be shown, one of which can be video 
  • The presenters can retrieve, via the projector and over the network, any remote user’s desktop
  • Stream video content over the network
  • Frequently used files can be saved to and recalled from the projector's hard disk

Reliable and easy to use

  • Eye-friendly 16:9 canvas gives the presenter more flexibility to show multiple windows next to one another
  • No remote control needed: the familiar Windows XP Professional interface enables users to choose sources and  freely position and scale multiple source windows, by using mouse and keyboard
  • Save and recall frequently used source window layouts
  • Remote Control & Diagnostics software enables remote monitoring and support of the projector fleet from any PC connected to the network.
  • Intelligent dual-lamp system for ultimate reliability and uninterrupted presentations





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