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This product is available for the Chinese market only.

Barco’s compact, cost-effective iD H250 projector features a light output of 2500 ANSI lumens in deep, saturated colors, with a native 1080p HD resolution at a 2000:1 contrast ratio. It is driven by single-chip DLP technology. No other projector in its class manages to combine cost-effectiveness with such a bright light output.

Uncompromised 1080p HD projection quality

Unparalleled in uniformity and display performance in its class, Barco’s iD H250 is designed to automatically scale and handle a wide array of high-resolution image and video sources. The iD H250’s RGBRGB color wheel makes it extremely suitable as a video projector. It adds extra color depth to the light output, so that video images come to life in natural, realistic colors in presentation environments such as medium-sized meeting rooms, demo rooms and boardrooms.

Its single-chip DLP technology and maintenance-free design make it an ideal solution for intensive-use applications in bright environments where 1080p HD projection quality matters, such as briefing rooms, medium-sized boardrooms, public displays, visitor lobbies and museums. With the best price performance on the market, unprecedented image quality and extensive warranties and service, Barco’s iD H250 is what you seek.


Flawless integration

The iD H250’s RS232 and TCP/IP ports allow easy remote control, while their DVI output channel enables connection to a preview monitor. Combined with a large input array, the iD H250 makes projector integration fast and easy. Advanced edge blending technology makes sure HDTV image quality remains uncompromised when you’re using multiple projectors to power one screen.

Reliable and versatile design

Its failsafe dual lamp system ensures a prolonged lifetime of the projector. When one lamp fails, the other one takes over without missing a beat, so that your presentations continue uninterrupted. Both lamps also run in alternation and can be set to economy mode. The iD H250 features a filterless design with a sealed optical engine that prevents dust from entering, further extending its lifetime and drastically reduces maintenance costs.





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