A web-based management tool that enables you to access and control your ClickShare Base Unit.

ClickShare offers you a range of free tools to easily update and manage your units to make sure your business investment is kept up-to-date at all times.

Are you looking for a tool to manage your entire fleet of ClickShare devices? Make sure to check out our XMS Cloud management platform.

With the ClickShare Configurator you can

  • Personalise the information on the meeting room display with your company logo, a welcome message and tailored wallpaper
  • Set and change Wi-Fi, security, audio and display settings
  • Monitor the status of your Base Unit and Button(s)
  • Update your system firmware remotely with the ClickShare quarterly firmware

How to access the ClickShare Configurator?

  • Connect your laptop to the ClickShare Base Unit
  • Use either a Wired or Wireless IP – the choice is yours
  • Log in using your admin username and password
  • You are connected!

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Setup, configuration & registration of your ClickShare device

Managing your device

Updating your device

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