Watching over your critical assets

As corporations and financial institutions have a tendency to centralize their activities, the need for a dedicated environment to monitor and visualize information increases. So, to meet the growing financial requirements of their customers, control rooms act as the central information and decision-making hub.

Visualizing your assets

In order to keep a close look at their operations, corporations and financial institutions use a control room. Security in general, and cybersecurity in particular, play an extremely important role in these solutions. It takes an experienced and trustworthy partner, with a long track record in the industry, to design and deploy these dedicated control centers. With more than 30 years of expertise in the control room business, Barco knows the needs and expectations of the customers, and built a portfolio that perfectly answers their requirements.

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Additional control room applications

The financial sector and (cyber)security: it's easy to see how they fit together. To protect all assets, and optimally guard the information flows, Barco has a number of dedicated solutions in its portfolio. These not only monitor and manage the data, but also serve as a hub for various stakeholders (including control room managers, C-level management and external experts).

Providing the framework for success

Security is the essential ingredient in any corporation or financial institution. Shielding your private data, while still being connected to the outside world, is THE biggest challenge in the industry. Barco CTRL, our control room software and hardware platform, ensures simplicity, scalability and security in its operation. The system is easy to use, but very powerful and able to grow with your needs - from a small network to a global multi-site solution. Based on the Security by Design principles, Barco CTRL is a very secure foundation to build your system.

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A broad video wall portfolio

A video wall in the corporations an finance sector is often used to display text and numerical data. This poses some specific requirements on the visualization technology. It needs to be clearly visible from any angle, and the bezel and inter-tile gap needs to be really minimal or non-existent, not interrupting the content.

With a portfolio that spans all dominant video wall technologies (LCD, direct-view LED and rear-projection cubes), we can answer the needs of the customers - without being restricted by the portfolio. Our LED walls are de facto seamless, while our other video walls are renowned for their small gaps. Barco UniSee, for example, is the first bezel-less LCD video wall panel.

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