High brightness and laser illuminated projector safety

Technical Specialist

It is a general misconception that laser (-phosphor) based projectors pose an increased risk to people because of the lasers used in the light source. This group of projectors however is classified as laser class 1, which is perfectly safe. It is the high brightness light output that requires additional measures to guarantee a safe environment during shows, events, movies, service activities, etc.

Descrição do curso

During this e-learning you will learn about laser light and high brightness light output and how to proceed during operation, installation and service activities to ensure a safe environment for everybody. This course is a prerequisite for all Barco University high brightness projector classes such as Cinema projector training and Events or Fixed Installation projector training. 




Operators, installers, maintenance and service staff working with high brightness projectors in both fixed and non-fixed installations.


By the end of the course participants will understand the risk of high brightness light beams and know what actions are required to have a safe environment during operation, installation and service of high brightness projectors, regardless light source technology, projector brand and installation type (fixed or non-fixed).


  • Legal perspective: laser based and lamp based projectors
  • Light fundamentals
  • Optical architecture of a projector light path
  • Light hazards
  • Non beam hazards
  • Installation requirements
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Do's and don’ts

Detalhes do treinamento

Formato do treinamento
45 minutes
Idiomas falados
English (no voice-over, only written text)
After successfully passing the test the participant receives the Barco High Brightness safety certificate.

Por que considerar o treinamento da Barco?

Uma parte fundamental da nossa educação da equipe interna, o treinamento de certificação da Barco também comprovou ter valor significativo para vendedores, operadores, técnicos e engenheiros de serviço empregados por parceiros de negócio, clientes e agências de consultoria.