Upgrade your ClickShare with the latest Firmware releases

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Get the most out of your ClickShare presentation system and optimize the quality of your meetings. Check out the newest Firmware for your unit.

For the CS-100 and CSE-200 we released a Firmware update last December. The v1.3.3 includes a lot of ‘under the hood’ refinements on button connectivity, sharing stability and standby behavior. Next to this, this release also features improvements for network integrated setups, including wifi driver updates for compatibility on Ruckus, Aruba and Xirrus.

Download the CS-100 Firmware release v1.3.3 Download the CSE-200 Firmware release v1.3.3

The Firmware upgrade for the CSC-1 prepares your system for the new EU wifi regulations (Adaptivity). Release v1.09.05e can only be installed on Base Units already running or higher. If your Base Unit has older software installed, you need to update the software to v01.04 first, before updating to this release.

Download the CSC-1 Firmware release v1.09.05

Need a step-by-step guide on how to update your firmware?

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