New Barco software tool facilitates accurate projection of large-scale medical images

Kortrijk, Belgium, 6 September 2012 – Healthcare imaging specialist Barco announces the release of Conference CloneView for projecting high-quality medical images onto a large-screen display. The new software tool ensures accurate and flexible projection configurations for a host of applications in teaching hospitals, auditoriums and (tele)conference rooms.

Flexible conferencing

Conference CloneViewTM allows medical professionals to clone outputs from one or two medical displays onto any display or projector attached to the same graphics board. The cloned image is downscaled using an algorithm designed such that all pixels contribute to the final projected image. The tool also allows zooming and panning for ease of viewing and provides the option to preserve the aspect ratio, or stretch the image.

Large-screen accuracy

“We know healthcare imaging requires the most accurate display solutions,” comments Becky Kiichle, Product Manager Display Controllers at Barco. “Conference CloneViewTM provides medical professionals, medical students and multi-disciplinary teams with simple access to precise X-ray images, MR scans, CT scans, endoscopy images, etc. on the large screen so they can get the best training and share accurate information.”

Different outputs, one view

The new tool is available as a software feature with Barco’s MXRT medical display controllers, which have been designed to deliver the performance, quality and stability required for today’s 2D and 3D imaging applications in healthcare. Using the MXRT boards for triple-head imaging, CloneView can combine two display outputs into one output signal and feed it to the projector. The software runs on Microsoft Windows® 7.

As part of Barco's system approach, all MXRT display controllers have been fully tested and optimized to work with Barco's full range of Nio and Coronis display products as well as its MediCal QAWeb software solution. Vigorous compatibility testing also ensures reliable performance with the latest workstations and with the leading PACS applications.

About Barco
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