Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

And Barco’s ambition to support them

Sustainable business is high on Barco’s priority list. We want to grow our company and help our people and the communities around us, all while safeguarding the planet. A major foundation of our ambitions, are the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. But what exactly are these SDGs and how do we translate them into Barco’s corporate DNA?

The Sustainable Development Goals explained

The Sustainable Development Goals were defined in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly. All 193 countries in the UN General Assembly adopted this resolution. They consist of 17 global goals set to be achieved by 2030.. The 17 defined goals include plans to eliminate poverty, hunger and inequality, improve health, education and working conditions, and strive for sustainable cities and responsible production. If you want to know everything about the SDGs, please refer to the dedicated UN page:

Barco and the SDGs

Of course, not all SDGs are applicable to a company like Barco. That is why we analyzed a vast range of both internal and external data – including trend reports and other documents created buy peers and competitors, sector associations and sustainability networking organizations. With a select group of Barco employees (our sustainability ambassadors), we took the results of this analysis and determined the issues that were most important and relevant to Barco.

With the executive sustainability steering committee, we determined the impact of each of the points on Barco’s success. From this process came a set of issues that were deemed important for Barco’s sustainability strategy. It features 11 issues that can be arranged under our three sustainability pillars: People, Planet and Communities.

In order to shape our approach and scale up our contribution to the areas that matter most to society and where we can achieve the greatest impact, we use the SDGs as a guideline. We listed how our 11 focus areas contribute to the SDGs in the figure on the right (click to enlarge).

Measuring success

For the global SDGs, you can check advancement using the SDG Tracker ( On this site, you can check the different indicators defined per goal, and the improvement over time. This checks the changes per country, so obviously not on an enterprise level.

At Barco, we also have sustainability ambitions, both on the short and on the long term. Do you want to know everything about Barco’s sustainability efforts right away? Then download the Sustainability Report 2018 and read all about it!

Download the sustainability report

What you can do to save the planet

The SDGs are quite abstract and technical, and describe actions on a global scale. But what can you do to support them at home? For this, a number of partners created the so-called ‘Good Life Goals’ – your guide to a personal sustainable lifestyle!