Продолжая свои традиции организации феерических зрелищ, в 2015 г. компания Barco объединилась с высококлассными поставщиками мультимедийного продукта — PointCloud Media и LD Systems — для создания захватывающего 4-мерного визуального представления в канун Нового года в г. Шугар Ленд, Техас. Сочетание видеоэффектов, уникального анимированного 3D-содержимого, движения огней и концертного размера звуковой системы создало потрясающее действо, подкрепленное реальным фейерверком с крыши ратуши, к радости 30000 восхищенных зрителей.

A pioneer in 3D projection mapping
Jack Hattingh of PointCloud Media pioneered the city’s first projection mapping in 2009, and has steadily grown the show in scope and sophistication since that inaugural year. “The event really put Sugar Land on the map, and it’s become a touchstone for 3D projection mapping technology worldwide. The ‘sugar drop,’ kind of like the Times Square ball drop, was a unique device that ultimately led to the video going viral!”

Barco projectors rise to any challenge
Barco supplied eight HDF-W26 projectors to create the projection mapping, delivering stunning brilliance and flawless performance. PointCloud has employed Barco’s large-venue projectors for many years in numerous projects, often using venues like the Sugar Land event to test brand new concepts.  “With the Barco projectors, I have complete confidence in executing my ideas because they perform so well in challenging circumstances.”

And, what do you do for an encore? Eventually, producers plan to push the 4th dimension of video mapping by boosting interactivity and incorporating more live elements like confetti, balloons, fireworks, live media and more!

See the video here!