24 окт. 2010 г.

New: DPM-3 rugged computer and MR mission recorder series

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Barco’s DPM-3 computer is used for on-the-move operations and in space-constrained areas of the utility vehicle, helicopter or ground army vehicle. The highly compact DPM-3 features the latest graphics and computing power and is fully MIL-qualified. The new DPM-3 has been launched at the AUSA exhibition in Washington together with the MR series for audio and video recording.

Barco's latest generation rugged computer
The DPM-3 rugged computer is the most compact computer available. Its modular and open architecture offers the possibility to create a complete customized solution. It easily connects to a wide range of sensors and allows meticulous information processing. The DPM-3 rugged computer features advanced video processing - including image fusion, image warping and motion detection - and offers high resolution video streaming functionality for improved situational awareness.

A high-performance recording family
Barco’s solid mission recorder (MR) series has been developed as data recording becomes increasingly important across a whole range of military platforms. Barco’s MR-100-E for naval applications and MR-200-E for land-based and airborne applications are MIL-qualified superior stand-alone recorders which offer functionality to capture, archive, retrieve and manage various types of audio and video data.