5 окт. 2012 г.

15th Festival of Slovenian Film went digital

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From 27 to 30 September last, the Slovenian seaside resort of Portorož was the setting for the 15th ‘Festival of Slovenian Film’. This year’s edition marked a technological première: Barco and its Slovenian partner AVC group, the technical sponsors of the event, installed a Barco DP2K-23B digital cinema projector to ensure a truly amazing film experience.


Ever since its first edition, the Festival of Slovenian Film has been looking for fresh ideas and new trends. New technology perfectly fits that mission. So, this year, as technical sponsors of the event, Barco and AVC group helped the festival migrate from 35mm films to digital projection. Movie spectators at the grand Amphitheater could view their movies in excellent quality, thanks to the Barco DP2K-23B digital cinema projector.

As the onset of digital projection marked a milestone for the Festival, a brief presentation of digital projection solutions was organized. Festival director Mrs. Nataša Bučar also gave a short speech prior to the evening screening in the Amphitheater, in which she thanked Barco and AVC group.

After the screening, the director of the Slovenian Film Center, Mr. Jožko Rutar, expressed his enthusiasm about the exceptional image quality, as did many Slovenian cinema representatives and festival attendees. Their excitement definitely motivates us to continue promoting advanced digital technologies and developing solutions to further enhance the cinema experience.