14 дек. 2012 г.

Steen Iverson, founder of Sirius 3D, teams up with IMAX and Barco

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Steen Iverson, founder of Sirius 3D, is the man behind the impressive 3D digital dome system at Copenhagen’s Tycho Brahe Planetarium, which is powered by Barco projectors. Since the installation of the system in 2006, Iverson has become renowned worldwide as one of the industry’s leading digital dome experts. He will now put his expertise and experience to work for IMAX`s Digital Dome Project.


After completing the Tycho Brahe Planetarium Dome project in Copenhagen, Iverson assisted with the installations of the La Geode theater in Paris as well as the IMAX Cosmonova theater in Stockholm. He has also developed several patent-pending techniques designed to optimize the digital dome experience.

IMAX is confident that Iverson’s passion, as well as his deep knowledge and experience of operating an IMAX dome, will greatly help the IMAX team transition the IMAX dome theater community to laser digital projection systems.

"I'm delighted to join IMAX during this very exciting time and to have the opportunity to introduce IMAX dome customers to a ground-breaking laser digital dome solution," said Iversen.

In February 2012, IMAX Corporation announced that it had selected Barco to be its exclusive, worldwide projection technology partner for its IMAX® theater for the next seven years. The parties are currently integrating an enhancement to Barco's existing Xenon-based projectors for use in IMAX's current backlog and new system signings. Simultaneously, IMAX and Barco will co-develop cutting-edge laser technology – benefiting from IMAX’s own intellectual property in image quality, the laser digital intellectual property IMAX licensed from Eastman Kodak and Barco's unique laser innovations.

The companies will work together exclusively to manage the transition from Xenon-based to high-performance, laser-based projectors, and expect to have a prototype by late 2013, with the first phase roll out of this solution targeting its largest screen exhibitors (80 feet and above) beginning early 2014.

The collective expertise and experience of both Barco and Iverson will help IMAX to further differentiate The IMAX Experience® for the years to come.