13 июн. 2013 г.

“Barco gives us complete confidence when making a diagnosis”


Prof. Dr. Philippe Halimi, head of radiology at the Paris HEPG Pompidou hospital and a lead specialist in head and ENT imaging, is more than happy with the Barco diagnostic display systems his team is using: “When visiting colleagues at hospitals that don’t use Barco diagnostic display systems, we can easily compare the image quality. Once back behind our workstations, we immediately see the difference and appreciate the high quality we have here."

Accurate imaging
Hôpital Georges Pompidou, part of the AP-HP hospital group, invested in a PACS system in 2001. The medical displays it purchased at that time were replaced by Barco’s diagnostic display systems following a tender. All the radiologists agree that the contrast ratio and the level of detail the Barco displays deliver help them precisely examine the results of CT and MRI scans of both standard and mammography images. Moreover, the Barco display systems enhance collaboration and, consequently, productivity and decision-making.

Save precious time
François Menet, IT and PACS manager, from his part, welcomes Barco’s MediCal QAWeb suite that comes with the displays. Providing automatic calibration and remote monitoring, MediCal QAWeb helps him save precious time.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
All together, the hospital is impressed with the low total cost of ownership of Barco’s diagnostic display systems over their lifetime: "We’ve been using the Barco display systems for over seven years now, with zero breakdowns. That means their total cost of ownership is really excellent,” concluded François Menet.

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