17 июн. 2013 г.

Tomorrow control room technology presented in Guangzhou

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Last month, Barco presented its latest control room technology and networked visualization solution at the Guangzhou summit in China. Over 120 customers and integrators from all over southern China attended to experience the unique TransForm N streaming video input node (and its powerful imaging performance and data management efficiency) at first hand.

Real-life demonstrations

In order to demonstrate the possibilities of the TransForm N, Barco set up five mini-versions of complex networked visualization systems, complete with projectors and a control room video wall. These set-ups included a command and control center, small and medium-sized meeting rooms and other rooms for different applications. In this way, attendees gained a practical understanding of how powerful, networked visualization solutions can be advantageous for end-users in any given situation.

Advanced technology benefits end-users

Due to its compatibility with all kinds of signals and display systems, TransForm N truly is a forward-thinking system. Mr. Frank XUE, Associate Director of Barco’s Product Marketing for Greater China stated: “This solution helps enterprises produce and manage processes and visualize cooperative systems with greater efficiency. It helps departments get a clear view on the production process, while rapidly providing decision-makers with accurate images and data.” 

In addition, the user-friendly interface of the TransForm N allows users with little or no IT experience to get the hang of it in no time.  That way, the constant presence of IT personnel to support the frontline staff is no longer needed, as any user, with minimal training, can make adjustments, look up information and smoothly distribute images and data. The result?  A significant increase in work efficiency and productivity.