29 авг. 2013 г.

Small, yet pioneering: Cinema Svět Louny welcomes Auro 11.1

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With film directors, cinemas and movie enthusiasts all applauding Auro 11.1, our immersive sound format is gaining a strong foothold in theaters around the world. Only for multiplex cinemas, you thought? Well, the Czech single-screen Cinema Svět Louny disagrees: this Thursday, 29 August, Svět Louny will proudly inaugurate its Auro installation, with a screening of the blockbuster Elysium. Svět Louny is the first central European small theater to embrace Auro 11.1.

A history of firsts

Built in 1920, Cinema Svět Louny can look back upon a long cinema tradition. Today, the private movie theater is solidly positioned in the top three of the country’s one-hall cinemas, which is quite an achievement considering the small (20,000) town population. The keys to its success are multiple, starting with the zeal and passion of cinema owner Luboš Maršál. Maršál is a big movie fan who loves his job. As he cares about his customers and wants to get the best on the market for them and for his cinema, Luboš Maršál is never hesitant to invest in the best technology. In 2009, Cinema Svět Louny took the step to 3D projection. In 2013 came Auro 11.1.

Reasons to adopt Auro

For many years now, Cinema Svět has been working closely together with Xtreme Cinemas, the second largest system integrator in the Czech Republic. Xtreme Cinemas is currently the only company certified to design and install Auro 11.1 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, via Barco distributor Nowatron Elektronik. When Xtreme proposed Auro 11.1 to Cinema Svět, the Louny theater was quickly convinced to try it. The installation in Svět Louny was a first for Xtreme Cinemas.

Elysium première

This 29 August, Cinema Svět proudly invites the inhabitants of Louny and environs to experience Barco’s immersive cinema audio system during the première of Elysium − the first movie from Sony Pictures Entertainment to be mixed in Auro 11.1.