3 февр. 2014 г.

The linked control room: a new way of collaboration


Big Data and smart infrastructures are changing control room visualization needs. The massive amounts of data being generated today need to be managed, analyzed and acted upon to safeguard the continuous delivery of energy and communications services and to ensure quick and effective response to security or emergency incidents.


In essence, more data means better solutions. But this huge volume of information, coming from many different sources, needs to be managed effectively and turned into meaningful knowledge.

In the dynamic control room environment in this new era of smart infrastructures and Big Data, harnessing and moving data as quickly as possible from inception to decision is the biggest challenge control room operators face. 

Collaboration is key

Clearly, this new era calls for a paradigm shift in control room operations. In the control room of the future, all key stakeholders should have access to the critical tools that enable effective collaboration - such as the ability to create, combine and share various user perspectives of data, images and video.

Networked visualization can help

The optimum control room solution should feature an 'any source, anywhere' networked visualization platform that can handle unlimited inputs and outputs to deal with the abundance of data and enable collaborative decision-making across multiple functions and geographies.

This means presenting information wherever it is needed - not only on the control room's display wall and operator workstations, but outside the control room as well (breakout rooms, crisis rooms, meeting rooms, even outside the building) - wherever decisions are made. This entails the ability to correlate information from many different sources into an actionable perspective - a personalized and dynamic view appropriate to each individual's specific roles and tasks.

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