27 мар. 2014 г.

China’s leading cinema exhibitors boost movie image quality with Barco’s laser projectors

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Three of China’s leading cinema chains will be pioneers in installing Barco’s advanced laser projectors, including Guangzhou JinYi Media Corporation (JinYi), Sichuan Pacific Cinema and Henan Oscar. The Jin Yi cinema will feature the world’s largest screen, at 35 meters, in a commercial theater powered by a dual laser projector system. “To project ultra-bright images onto our new giant 35-meter screen, we’d normally need four DP4K-32B projectors. Instead, dual laser projectors will do the job even much better,” says Jacky Lee, General Manager of Project Command Center at JinYi. In addition, the heightened image quality of Barco laser projectors will deliver unprecedented visual effects, especially for 3D.

Higher image quality to better experience the magic
Barco’s new 6P laser-illuminated projector is the first of its type capable of showing 4K content at 60 fps and 3D movies in 4K resolution at a stunning 60,000 lumens brightness. Showing bright, uniform images with crisp detail and exceptionally rich colors, the Barco laser radically improves the 3D and general cinema experiences.

“Barco combines great services with market-leading technology. Today, again, their laser projector is proof of its continuous efforts to raise the bar," explains Mr. Wang Chunliang, General Manager at Sichuan Pacific Cinema.

Mr. Qiu Yijun, Assistant to the General Manager at Henan Oscar Film Group, agrees: “This is a giant leap forward in cinema technology, which will help us offer our customers a truly immersive cinema experience.”

The beginning of a new wave in cinema
Many other local cinemas in China are also looking forward to Barco’s laser projectors. They believe that this new technology will deliver enhanced image quality and help them take their cinema offering to the next level.