4 июл. 2014 г.

Balancing between convenience and security in the meeting room

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SWITCH is our framework for taking collaboration to the next level. The acronym stands for Security, Who is in your meeting room, Integration, Technology, Cross-platform and Human factors.

Security is the first topic we wanted to dive into. A recent report from Tripwire shows that 30% of IT professionals and 46% of employees do not change the default administrator password on wireless devices, posing potential security risks to the organization.

Meeting spaces, huddle rooms, or other places equipped with AV solutions find themselves at a very interesting, yet potentially dangerous intersection between corporate network(s), guest network and the worldwide web. Employees and visitors both, ready to share, want to use as much info as they can from all of these sources, whereas facility managers, AV staff and IT managers have the tough role to balance user expectations on the one hand and security concerns on the other.

Some of the users and customers we speak with love the fact that their wireless presentation system creates its own standalone network. Some want their unit to function as a gateway to the internet or the company network, while others prefer otherwise. Some want as little security as possible, others would like to completely avoid wireless communications and BYOD. One thing is certain, though: expectations and requirements differ from company to company, and sometimes from administrator to administrator. Join us on our LinkedIn collaboration page and let us know what you think.