16 окт. 2014 г.

Join the revolution in the radiology reading room


Imagine a radiology display that combines both PACS and digital breast imaging; that features a 12MP screen, offering unparalleled image quality; that supports color, grayscale, 2D, 3D, static, and dynamic images; that is loaded with inventive solutions to boost productivity; and that is completely ergonomic to boot. Today, with the launch of Coronis Uniti™, Barco has provided a definitive answer to the most important challenges in modern radiology.

Challenges and opportunities

What these challenges are was revealed just recently, when healthcare research agency The MarkeTech Group published the results of its most recent radiology survey. The main conclusion? Increasing image volumes, growing complexity, and physical discomfort while reading are keeping radiologists from performing at their peak. But having the right tools at hand could go a long way: for example, the majority of respondents indicated that higher image quality, a more efficient workflow, and increased comfort would significantly increase reading performance. 

Game-changing solution 

With the launch of Coronis Uniti™, Barco proves that it took note of radiologists’ desires and suggestions. The result is a groundbreaking 12MP display that offers unprecedented and consistent image quality while unifying the workflow. Indeed, by supporting both calibrated color and grayscale, 2D and 3D, and static and dynamic images, Coronis Uniti™ eliminates the need for multi-head display setups or moving to another workstation. This and a wealth of ingenious features such as Barco’s RapidFrame™ technology have reduced image loading times, enhanced image manipulation, and more, confirming Barco’s sharp focus on driving productivity and performance in radiology. 

Ergonomic experience 

Coronis Uniti™ also shines in its attention to ergonomics. According to MarkeTech’s study, no fewer than 87 percent of radiologists experience physical discomfort when reading images, ranging from eye fatigue to back pain. Our latest medical display therefore optimizes the reading experience by mirroring the natural field of vision and minimizing the need for head and eye movement. Additional features such as SoftGlow™, ALC™, and Barco Optical Glass™ also work to enhance viewing comfort and thus reduce eye fatigue.