20 апр. 2020 г.

How to look good in a remote call or virtual classroom?


With this set of professional tips, you’ll be the star of all your video meetings or remote classes. We listed no less than 8 tips and tricks for worry-free and on point remote meeting and training etiquette. Let's make sure you look good on camera - even when you are working from home, having a virtual training or in a wireless conferencing meeting. Download the infographic below!

  1. Avoid light sources behind you, e.g. a window – rather, place the light source in front of you so people can see you clearly.
  2. Reduce background noises. Mute yourself when you’re in a meeting or class with many people.
  3. Remote meetings and classes are much more agreeable when you can see each other. Invest in a good webcam, and position yourself nicely in front of it.
  4. Avoid clutter in the background, or use a virtual or blurred background.
  5. Have a stable internet connection. Check in advance with housemates who like gaming or streaming Netflix!
  6. Avoid being distracted yourself: turn off other programs and don't go through your e-mails or social media during the meeting or class.
  7. Dress for the occasion. Wear bright colors, avoid busy patterns or distracting prints. (Unless you’re having a dress-up theme virtual meeting. #FreakyFriday)
  8. Test your setup before the meeting or class if you feel uncomfortable.


Download the infographic