Apr 19, 2021

Why would my ClickShare need a software update?

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Simple! To keep your unit as powerful, efficient and user-friendly as possible. ClickShare always tries to increase the simplicity of our products and boost the product experience with interesting functionality enhancements and bug fixes.

Discover the reasons to update your ClickShare unit with the latest free software

  • Maximize product performance and experience stress-free collaboration.
  • Keep your device safe and secure at all times. When new bugs or vulnerabilities are detected, we immediately take action to update open source components. Read more on security
  • Be compatible with latest operating systems to support their new functionalities and updates. Each change in protocol is also reflected in updates of our libraries. We roll these out via updates.
  • Access the latest product enhancements and features for ClickShare.
  • Assured compatibility with newly certified AV peripherals from our alliance partners.
  • Get rid of bugs and known issues in every new release.
  • The set of REST API commands is expanded whenever new functions are added to ClickShare.
  • Work seamlessly with the ClickShare Desktop App and Mobile App.
  • Your devices are supported since Barco ClickShare only supports the latest software version on devices.

How to update ClickShare?

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