About Barco 

At Barco, we are all visioneers

At Barco, we believe truly great engineering starts with a clear vision. A vision of a better, smarter, healthier world.  

We are visioneers in every department, from R&D over manufacturing to services. It’s how we contribute to a bright tomorrow. 

At Barco, people come for the technology. And they stay for the people. 

We have a culture of collaboration across borders and nationalities. As an international company with European roots, we strive for a healthy work-life balance, continuous growth and an enriching career for everyone.

Here, you’ll find a great team of dedicated people. Passionate about technology, willing to make an impact. And driven by inspiring leaders who understand that innovation never stops. Who guide Barco through a continuous evolution. And together create a great place to work.  

Feel free to discover if you’d fit into our company culture: 

We think with the customer 
 We team up to win, globally 
 We look for the better way 
 We own our results 
 We care, we grow 

What it’s like working at Barco




Maybe you are our next visioneer?

We are visioneers in everything we do and in each of our departments. If you have a passion for turning innovative ideas and vision into reality, we have a place for you!


Working at Barco

What makes us tick

Innovating with impact

Innovation is all about sifting through ideas, finding the nuggets and turning them into executive effectiveness – quickly. 

That’s exactly what we do. Our  focus is on advanced display & projection, image processing, connectivity, and computational optics. 

Moving towards a sustainable future

Sustainability is embedded in all of our business processes: from our dealings with suppliers to our own operations and production.

Our eco-scoring label gives an indication of the entire eco-design performance of our products unique in the industry.

Embracing diversity

We believe that diversity leads to a greater variety of ideas and ways of looking at things. It helps us to drive innovation and brings us closer to our colleagues and customers. 

That’s why we want everyone to bring their true selves to work. We are all unique, and this is something we fully embrace.

Doing what is right

We ensure strong ethics, quality, security and compliance standards. For full peace of mind when doing business with us. 

Our (hi)story

At Barco, we have been visioneering since 1934. We engineer with a vision to contribute to a better, healthier and smarter world. Because it’s innovation that pushes the world forward. 

Having an impact in different markets

Visioneering enterprise

We help professionals in control rooms, classrooms and meeting rooms connect data and images for more informed decisions and smarter collaboration.

Visioneering entertainment

We help roadies, artists, and creatives offer stunning visual experiences in cities, at events, in cinemas or museums.

Visioneering healthcare

We help medical professionals enable better health outcomes and work more efficiently in an increasingly complex healthcare enterprise.