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Преимущества для диагностики. Эффективный рабочий процесс. Комфортный осмотр

Enjoy your reading room

Our Coronis Uniti display has become an indispensable asset on the desks of countless radiologists, on every continent.

When first shown in 2014, it was the only display in the world that combined PACS and breast images from various modalities.

Today, the Uniti’s one-piece simplicity proves itself more essential than ever.

With Coronis Uniti, you’re working with the biggest and most equipped display system that exists for general radiology and breast imaging.

Experience the power of a feature-rich design and a strong engine that renders rich content, while enabling fast-paced, dynamic, and 3D medical imaging.

We were the first in the country to invest in the Coronis Uniti and this investment in an all-in-one multimodality display replaced a number of dedicated displays. It’s been a ‘wow’ experience from the very beginning.

Bijal Jankharia, breast radiologist at Picture This by Jankharia, Mumbai, India

Boost your diagnostic work

Enjoy an all-in range of technologies that guarantee crisp, bright and compliant visuals.

Razor-sharp detail

Everything you see on the full-size, 12-million-pixel screen is sharp and precise. It presents images with crystal-clear precision on a large, flexible, bezel-free image area, providing an uninterrupted view of large images, numerous smaller studies, or various combinations and overlays in any layout you prefer.

Precise luminance

With the Uniti’s high and stable calibrated luminance and contrast ratio, you can rest assured that you’re handling your cases with the utmost precision. Double the Uniti’s luminance at the touch of a button, for even higher medical contrast.

Steady colors, superb grays

Every Coronis Uniti display is calibrated to meet the DICOM standard for grayscales and to guarantee consistent, perceptually linear color. Stable throughout your display’s full lifetime, even on the smallest pixel level.

The new Barco displays have enabled us to further expand our capabilities; meaning we can now see more details both in grayscale and color, and with Coronis Uniti, we can combine PACS and mammography applications on one display with a bigger surface.

Tom Leyland, PACS Manager at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

Perfect your workflow

Instead of having your work scattered across workstations, tools, and technologies, why not go for an all-in-one system?

One display, any image

Coronis Uniti is designed to allow images of a wide range of modalities: from x-rays and ultrasounds to 3D mammography. It’s the solution that replaces all display configurations, so say bye to multi-head setups or other workstations to view additional exams.

Swift reading

With our RapidFrame technology, you can quickly cine through a stack of images without them getting blurry. Coronis Uniti is efficient, and specially designed for the 3D modalities of breast tomosynthesis and CT.

Пиковая производительность

Выбрав одну из наших мощных медицинских графических плат MXRT с дисплеем Coronis Uniti, вы получите полный набор инструментов для создания интуитивно понятного рабочего процесса. Они обеспечивают точную фокусировку, гибкость и комфорт.

Например, знали ли вы, что технология SpotView уменьшает время чтения на 15,5%?

The Coronis Uniti is a truly intuitive, ergonomic display that allows us to read more studies, faster, and with greater diagnostic accuracy.

Caroline A. Reich, MD, PhD, President & CEO at Women’s Imaging Associates, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Work smarter, not harder!

Discover our Intuitive Workflow Tools

Work with comfort and ease, anywhere

The impact of a comfortable work environment is often underestimated.

Optimum ergonomics

Coronis Uniti is designed to mirror a human’s natural field of vision, featuring a unique aspect ratio, a 33” screen size, and a Fusion form factor to create the perfect canvas for side-by-side comparison of multiple images.

This format minimizes head and eye movement and reduces the need for scaling and rearranging to complete studies more efficiently.

Balanced surroundings

The Uniti’s Optical Glass reduces internal and external reflections and allows easy cleaning. Turn on SoftGlow desk and wall lights to reduce strain on your eyes. Ambient light sensors check the brightness of your surroundings. And you can choose to view grayscale images in clear grays or add a blue tint according to your choice.

Elegant control

Last but not least, we’ve reengineered the Barco touchpad. It’s now smaller, allows for easy scrolling, and has six hotkeys you can personalize to your preference.

Развивайтесь вместе со всей своей организацией

Программное обеспечение QAWeb Enterprise, включенное в дисплей, гарантирует стабильное качество изображения за счет автоматической калибровки и контроля качества, а также обеспечивает соответствие последним региональным и международным нормам качества изображения. Раскройте весь потенциал парка дисплеев в больнице, дома или в другом месте, а также получите лучшую в своем классе производительность и оптимальное использование в течение всего срока службы дисплеев.

Надежный контроль качества, четкое соответствие

Не пропустите ни одной детали. Датчик на передней панели дисплея Coronis Uniti обеспечивает постоянную автоматическую калибровку в режиме.

With the Coronis Uniti 12MP displays, our radiologists can view four screening rounds side by side to better track changes in the breast tissue.

Paul Hoogland, National Program Manager, Facilitaire Samenwerking Borstkankeronderzoek, The Netherlands

Designed to perform, built to last

With its exceptional lifetime, Coronis Uniti is the ultimate long-term investment for your entire organization. With its wide variety of technologies, it is designed with the ultimate goal: improving and simplifying your radiologists’ workday. The one completely versatile display on their desk, to be used to its full potential. And when your radiologists use fewer displays, you also have less equipment to manage.

In short: enjoy simplified long-term management, reduce the risk of unexpected costs, and make your displays last for many years to come.

Interested in Coronis Uniti's technical details?

Learn more on the product page & spec sheet

Coronis Uniti: a proven formula

Высокая яркость: чтение 2D-маммограмм на 7% быстрее

 Уровень яркости 1000 кд/м²: повышенная вероятность обнаружения микрокальцинатов в молочной железе

 19% прироста производительности за счет использования формата Fusion по сравнению с применением двух отдельных дисплеев

 SpotView: время чтения сократилось на 15,5%, а его точность возросла на 6% при анализе маммографического фантома с контрастными деталями

 RapidFrame: 10% прироста в обнаружении мелких деталей на движущихся изображениях (например, при томосинтезе)

 CSDF (SteadyColor): восприятие меньших градаций цвета, например для отображения уровней радиофармпрепаратов на изображениях ПЭТ-КТ

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