Barco Demetra: теперь дермоскопия делается по-другому

Представьте более эффективный способ проводить кожные исследования. В этом и есть суть Demetra. Интеллектуальное улучшение рабочего процесса. Создание дерматоскопических изображений, снимков крупного или общего плана. Предоставление интеллектуальных и усовершенствованных аналитических данных. И все это при невероятной экономичности, доступности и долгосрочной рентабельности. Demetra — это гениальное решение, которое дополнит ваш богатый опыт.

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“Thanks to Demetra’s excellent image quality and user-friendly software we are able to identify even the smallest changes in affected pigment when following up our patients.”

Dr. Mark Vandaele,
Roeselare, Belgium

“Barco Demetra is an ingenious way of investing in your future as a dermatologist. I’m already looking forward to the possibilities that AI and deep learning algorithms will bring!”

Prof. Dr. Maja Hofmann, Berlin-Schlachtensee, Germany

“A major advantage compared to an analog dermoscope is the ergonomics. With Demetra I no longer suffer from tired eyes at the end of the day because I am able to use both eyes.”

Dr. Marco Andrea Tomassini, Perugia, Italy

Work smarter and faster

Efficient and effective screening

Use Demetra for fast and intelligent skin lesion screening. This groundbreaking multispectral digital imaging platform handles every task, improving efficiency and dependability. Lesions are charted on a mannequin or clinical overview photograph, making documentation and follow-up smoother and smarter. This also promotes your professional credibility, reinforcing your reputation as a doctor that patients can trust.

One device is all you need

No more hassle with switching cameras or lenses. From now on, you’ll only need one device to take any kind of picture when screening patients. Whether it’s a dermoscopic image, close-up or clinical overview picture of any body part.

The Demetra Cloud keeps your data safe

Demetra runs in the cloud, keeping your IT infrastructure clear and simple, and relieving worries about storage space and costs.

The Demetra cloud is a secure environment. Authentication, data encryption and other measures are all in place to satisfy GDPR and patient privacy guidelines. Everything to ensure that your patients’ records – including notes, reports, and images – are safe but always at hand.

More intuitive comparisons & revolutionary decision making

Gain insights by tracking the evolution of skin lesions effectively and without effort. With Demetra, image comparison (e.g. taken now vs 6 months ago, dermoscopic vs. clinical) is so easy – no change will go unnoticed.

Integrated structured reporting

Reduce manual paperwork and administration. With Demetra, reporting and documentation are done automatically. Result? You can work faster, saving both time and money.

Enhancing your workflow

Demetra is extremely intelligent, capable of handling – and perfecting – every skin examination task. Transform the way you work and have more time for your patients.

  • Demetra combines the best of analog and digital imaging in one flexible, wireless handheld device.
  • It comes with a high-end touch display for smooth and ergonomic operation in addition to two integrated cameras for multispectral dermoscopic, close-up and clinical imaging.
  • Demetra allows the efficient mapping of skin lesions onto a mannequin or clinical overview photograph, making documentation and follow-up smoother and smarter.
  • Effortless and effective tracking of even the tiniest changes in skin lesions thanks to insightful and intuitive image comparison.

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Augment your expertise with informed insights

The power of the Demetra platform is unlimited. We continue to develop and integrate new groundbreaking capabilities designed to support better diagnoses with the deeper insights you need to feel confident.

  • See the invisible: New capabilities include Skin Parameter Maps. These high-quality images provide a clear view of skin structures and tissue composition. Blood contrast and pigment contrast maps, for example, provide more informed insights.
  • Advanced analytics: Other unique features available soon include automated detection of dermoscopic features, and computer-aided scoring allowing lesions to be classified objectively and consistently.

In the future, this next-gen skin-imaging platform will offer innovative deep learning algorithms to support clinical decisions in real time. As our community of experts grows, so will the power of this platform.

Недорогое и доступное решение

Demetra предлагается как услуга, что означает отсутствие финансовых рисков и больших инвестиций. За ежемесячную плату вы получаете удобный доступ ко всем необходимым возможностям и функциям . Цена включает доступ к новым функциям, персонализированную поддержку и регулярные обновления программного и аппаратного обеспечения. Такого еще не было во всей отрасли!

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From experts in medical image quality

Image quality is undeniably linked to the increased visibility and detection of subtle details. Our knowledge of high-quality medical imaging has led to faster diagnoses and better health outcomes worldwide. 8 out of 10 breast screening centers use Barco display technology to detect cancer in its earliest stage. Whether in radiology, mammography or dermatology, the tiniest details are of the greatest importance. Demetra combines everything we know about medical imaging and clinical workflow. It’s why you can never go wrong with Barco.

Клинические партнеры и партнеры по исследованиям

Решение Demetra было разработано при поддержке партнерской исследовательской компании DERMSCAN.

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