Преобразите обучение с помощью weConnect

С помощью weConnect образовательные учреждения стают на шаг ближе к инновационным методам преподавания и обучения. Цифровая трансформация ускоряется с каждым днем, поэтому weConnect станет надежным фундаментом вашей цифровой стратегии. Это решение упрощает совместную работу и активное обучение — в одной аудитории или в масштабах учебного заведения, локально или удаленно. 

Свяжитесь с нами Опробуйте виртуальную классную комнату

Purpose-built for teaching and training

Barco collaborated with the world’s leading business schools, universities and corporate learning & development departments, to develop a powerful learning solution. Its capabilities in an educational environment easily surpass those of video conferencing tools used today with an innovative and differentiating teaching and learning experience that allows to engage in real-time with participants in any set-up to deliver new levels of engagement, learning outcomes and retention.

Что дает weConnect?

Stress-free online teaching and training for instructors 

Teach just like you're used to! Get the class started with just their computer and access to Chrome – no apps needed. With the intuitive user interface you can launch polls/quizzes on the spot to encourage active participation and collaboration. Get audience feedback with silent questions. And get user analytics after class to optimize future classes and learning outcomes.

Engaging experience for all students and trainees

A front row experience for everyone. Share content and participate in class discussions using any device. You can learn, share and study in working groups, and easily participate in polls and quizzes. With the silent questions you can anonymously ask the instructor for more information.

A reliable solution for IT and AV managers

Minimize and standardize classroom infrastructure with a solution that securely integrates into the campus network and Wi-Fi. Support single sign-on (SSO) &API connectors to your legacy systems. And automate dynamic room configuration & plan sessions.

Use cases

Setup in the classroom is straight forward & expandable upon your needs.

  • Virtual classroom components 
  • Screens (6 participants per screen) 
  • Camera per screen 
  • Screen for confidence monitoring 
  • Touchscreen for whiteboard 
  • Teacher laptop 
  • Teacher camera PTZ 
  • Audio DSP with AEC
  • Speaker set 
  • Chrome browser

Let's get in touch

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