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UDM. M is for more.

    • Lightest 22K laser projector
    • Dazzling color performance
    • Efficient fleet management
    • Strong and rugged design

The list of benefits from our new game changing UDM platform is endless.

Technical superiority, maximum ease-of-use, astonishing versatility…

We made zero concessions to give you the best there is.

So why choose, if you can have it all?

Why choose UDM?

Create impactful experiences with the extremely light-weight and compact UDM which never compromises on the image quality or brightness of your projection.

Trust the UDM's robustness to withstand the endurances of life on the road, and deliver superior quality in the most diverse setups due to its exceptional flexibility.

Enjoy complete peace-of-mind thanks to efficient fleet management and the modular design ensuring fast and simple serviceability.

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Go to our product pages for UDM-W22 and UDM-4K22 for more detailed information or download the UDM brochure below.

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