Video Wall Manager E-learning (Previously: WallConnect)

This training course introduces installers to Video Wall Manager Software

Описание курса

The E-learning shows the setup of the Video Wall Manager Software.
Next to that, it illustrates the functionalities on how to control and align the different products.
Product lines: UniSee, ODL, KVD and LVD.

The software online works if the products are equipped with ROGER input boards. (or newer). These are the Input boards that have Display Port output for loop-through.

The Current E-learning is made for version 2.6, so it still shows the old name of WallConnect. When a new version is published, it will include the new functionality, and reflect the correct naming.

Необходимые условия


Целевая аудитория

Enumerated list : installation and service engineers,  maintenance engineers


Get an idea of the functionality of the software, before you start working with the real thing.


Approximately 30 mins



Разговорный язык

English written captions. Artificially created voice-over included.


No Certification

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