This training course introduces Installation Engineers to how they can set up the LED tile DOA kit, and how to perform the DOA test.

Attention is given to how to repack the tile if needed, and how you can safely open the seals to take the tile from the box.  


    Target Audience

    Broad Technical audience: Installation, Service & Helpdesk engineers, Technical Trainers, Project Engineers.



    There are none to follow this E-learning.

    The procedure itself requires that you know how to unmount a control box from an LED panel. This is taught in the Technical Specialist Classroom training, or during a guided install. 


    The goal of this training is to:
    • -       Being able to perform DOA tests during an LED wall installation.
    • -       Being able to respond to technical questions from your customers.
    Формат обучения: Интерактивные обучающие курсы
    Продолжительность: 7 mins
    Цена: FOC
    Разговорный язык: EN

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