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FLC 1.1 – 1.61:1 (EN83) lens
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FLC 1.1 – 1.61:1 (EN83) lens

Wide zoom lens for Fx400, with indexing encoders

FLC 1.1 – 1.61:1 (EN83) lens

Wide zoom lens for Fx400, with indexing encoders

  • All-glass lens
  • Extremely high resolution
  • Stable and robust, designed for motion


FLC lens (1.1 - 1.6 : 1) EN83

The EN83 lens represents a new standard of lenses with extreme accuracy and is designed specifically for the next generation of native 4K resolution Fx400 platform of projectors. It consists of 20 glass elements with different coatings for the most demanding high-resolution performance, optimized for day, night vision and IR transmission and is of extremely high optical quality measuring 92 line pairs per mm (lp/mm).

The lens is designed to maximize brightness, eliminate dust contamination, and to withstand motion and vibration through an extremely sturdy barrel design. Additionally, it comes with a dust sealing to seal off unwanted air flow through the projector's front, through the grooves along the lens. Its high-precision motors allow for fine-tuned adjustments and with its precise read-back function it keeps its position-accuracy over time.


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General specifications
Lens type
Wide Zoom Lens for Fx400, with indexing encoders
Working F/#
Motorized iris F/2.1-9.0
Throw Ratio
Zoom ratio
Motorized zoom
Focal length
Focus Range
1.0-15 - motorized focus
3.68 kg

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