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Heckler Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

Whether full time WFH or full time at office or a hybrid, there will be more meetings, not fewer. ClickShare's unique way of combining all participants on an equal level of access, makes it the ideal platform for any type of interaction, and Heckler bridges that gap between the near and the far with sleek design that compliments the room, while letting the technology do its work out of sight.

In the spotlight

4U AV Credenza: Heckler AV Credenza is created from the ground up to impress stakeholders and ease implementation. The result is an attractive platform for years of easy technology upgrades and painless office moves.

AV Wall System: Mass-deploy best-in-class video meeting spaces with your favorite devices - and no need for electricians or wall reinforcement - with Heckler AV Wall.

AV Carts: Heckler AV Cart allows you to stash modern components behind the TV and out-of-sight, while managing any cable mess with ease.

Validated peripherals

Device Peripheral
conference firmware
Type Interoperability
AV Cart Prime H700 - Workplace Solutions Furniture Compatible

Company Profile

Heckler wants to remove clutter from your life. We make floating credenzas that hide up to 4 rack spaces of gear along with cables, power supplies, and compute and sticks out only 5.1 inches from the wall. We make AV Wall Systems that can mount dual 98" displays, and all the associated meeting equipment with just 4 points of contact on the wall, transferring all that weight to the floor. We make design-first AV Carts that not only look sleek, but they break down to ship in one box you can ship via parcel or stack 10 to a pallet. With--you guessed it--an ingenious way to organize and hide whatever cables and power supplies used with our cart. We create room scheduler mounts that look like they are part of the room, and camera mounts that look like they aren't even there, and so much more. Come check us out.

Contact Heckler

2115 S 11th Ave
#120 Phoenix AZ
United States

Heckler sales enquiries (url)

Heckler sales enquiries (url)



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