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ClickShare Trade in program

Frequently asked questions


  • Who can participate in this Trade in Program?

For the participating EMEA countries, only Barco Gold, Silver and Authorized partners who are part of the Connect! Program, qualify for this Program. For the United States & Canada, only Barco distributors qualify for this Program. Claims by non-authorized parties will not be accepted.


  • What devices can be traded in?

You can trade in the:

  • Barco ClickShare - CSM-1, CSC-1, CSE-200, CSE-200+, CSE-800
  • Barco wePresent - WiPG-1000, WiPG1600W, WiCS-2100
  • BenQ Insta Show - WDC10, WDC10C, WDC20
  • Crestron - Airmedia 2.0 & Airmedia 3.0
  • HRT Huddle - Hub One, Hub One+
  • Kramer VIA - Collage, Collage 2, Connect PRO, Connect PLUS, GO
  • Mersive - Solstice pod Gen 2 & 3
  • ScreenBeam - 1100
  • Vivitek - NovoEnterprise, NovoCast, NovoPro
  • Klick & Show

Other devices do not qualify for this program.


  • How long will this Trade in Program run?

The Trade in Program will run until further notice. This means you will be able to register new claims until this date.


  • Does the Trade in Program apply everywhere?

No, the Trade in Program only applies to sales made in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Austria, France, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, United States & Canada. It will be impossible to file a claim for sales made outside these countries.


  • When can the Trade in Cashback be claimed?

As soon as a new unit under the Trade in conditions is sold. We will accept your claim within 30 calendar days after the purchase of a new ClickShare by the end-customer.


  • Which info is needed to register a claim?

To complete your registration, you will need:

  1. The serial numbers of the old and newly sold devices.
  2. Distributor contact data (for US & Canada).
  3. Reseller contact data.
  4. End-customer’s company and contact data.
  5. A digital proof of purchase (for EMEA)


  • Will I be notified when Barco receives my claim?

Yes, you will receive e-mails throughout every step of the process. Please also check your junk mailbox as some of the e-mails might be considered as spam.


  • Where can I find the serial numbers of the ClickShare devices?

The serial number can be found on the back of the ClickShare base unit, not on the buttons.


  • How can I include a copy of my invoice or PO (EMEA)?

You will be asked to upload a copy of your invoice or PO while you are going through the online claim process. Please have this ready/saved to your computer prior to claiming.


  • How can I register a claim for more than 10 products?

In this case we would gladly assist you with the registration. Please contact us via email on for EMEA participating countries or for US & Canada.


  • I have forgotten to claim my cashback within 30 calendar days, what happens now?

We cannot accept your claim if this is introduced more than 30 days after purchased by the end customer.


  • How does the shipment of the return product work?

As soon as your claim is validated, the contact person for the indicated pick-up address will receive an e-mail with the pick-up date of the Trade in Products and instructions on how to package and prepare the return units. If the proposed pick-up date is not convenient, please contact us or our logistics partner to arrange a new pick-up date.


  • Can I track my package?

Yes. Track and trace data will be provided by our logistics partner upon confirmation of the pick-up.


  • What happens if there are issues with my claim?

Our support team will reach out to you via email or phone to notify you of any issues with your claim validation, and will inform you of the different options at your disposal.


  • How long will it take for me to receive the Trade in Cash Back Bonus/Trade in Value?

We will deposit the amount to your bank account/give you a credit note within 30 days from the date of receipt of the old device by the recycler. An e-mail is sent out to notify you of the date of validation and instructions on how to receive your payment. Please allow up to 5 extra days in the event of bank transfer delays.


  • What do I do if I have not received my payment after 30 days?

If there were issues with one of your claims, this can delay the process several days. If you have any questions regarding the settlement, don’t hesitate to reach out the contact form or via email on for EMEA and or for US & Canada.


  • Do I have to invoice Barco for the old device?

No, you receive the Trade in Cash Back Bonus/Trade in Value in exchange for selling a new ClickShare unit and taking back the old unit from the field.


  • How should the Trade in Product be packed? What should be packed?

You can package the Trade in Product in its original packaging if available or in a packaging of similar dimensions. You need to include the base unit, the PSU, all buttons and if available all accessories (antennas, manuals, etc).

Note that you are responsible for proper packaging in a manner to ensure transport safety and to avoid damage and the cost thereof.

The units must be packed ready for shipment and need to be packed on pallets if weight exceeds 30 kg. Do not forget to include the return slip on the outside of the packaging, so that it is clearly visible. You will receive this slip upon validation of your claim.


  • What happens with the old devices?

The old, traded-in devices are sent to a recycler to be dismantled. The scrap material will be reused.


  • What should the distributor do with its ongoing claims in the SOR?

Barco Channel Operations team will follow up on the ongoing claims and keep the distributor updated. If for example the distributor has sent a March SOR and the trade in claim is still ongoing for that month, he doesn’t need to track them, meaning that in the next SOR report, for example, April SOR, he only needs to add the April claims without the ongoing March claims. Once the ongoing claims are processed and closed, the invoice is paid in that month.


  • What if the end user doesn’t give back his old devices for the Trade in program?

Make sure that the reseller creates a document where the end user guarantees him that he is going to get the old devices back and signs it.

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