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How to install a new peripheral to a ClickShare Conference device

Article number: [2154] - Legacy code: [11642]

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The following steps give a generic workflow for connecting a new peripheral to a ClickShare Conference series device and can prevent problems from occurring.

  1. Upgrade the ClickShare Base Unit to the latest firmware
  2. Upgrade the peripheral to the latest firmware, this depends on the peripheral used.

    Please check the supported peripherals overview page for which firmware works for which peripheral.

  3. Connect all the devices and restart the Base Unit to let it configure
  4. Wait until the Base Unit is fully booted and then pair the Button with the Base Unit to store the updated configuration on the ClickShare Button.

    This step is not mandatory, but can still help in case of problems. It is to ensure the Button will trigger the correct peripheral configuration on the laptop.

  5. Connect the Button
  6. Test the functionality outlined in Testing ClickShare Conference peripheral functionality in Windows


Last updated Oct 11, 2022