Major holdings

Shareholders who cross, either up- or downwards, the threshold of three (3) percent of the company’s share capital on a fully diluted basis must disclose their holdings. A subsequent disclosure is required for each crossing, either up- or downwards, of the threshold of five (5) percent and each multiple of five (5) percent of the company’s share capital. 


Your disclosures must be transmitted to both Barco and the FSMA.

Please send your disclosures to
   - Barco (
   - FSMA (
For the denominator, please refer to Capital & Articles of association. 

Detailed information can be found in the Extract from the Guide to the Transparency Legislation FSMA_2011_08 of 11 February 2020 (available on the website of the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). For the notifications the FSMA recommends the use of its standard form TR-1 BE (also available from the FSMA website).

Ownership of the company's shares (situation as per 20/07/2022) 

The above overview is based on the disclosures and notifications received by the company and may not reflect the actual shareholdings of the owners listed.

Transparency declarations

Latest update: 22 July 2022

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