What's new in the latest Firmware update?

With each new firmware release, we’re adding a set of new functionalities to our ClickShare and ClickShare Conference devices to give you an improved user experience, easy management and increased security. Because you deserve impeccable meeting experiences. Keep your units powerful, secure and efficient. 查看最新版本的新增功能!

What's new for ClickShare Conference?

  • the highest security: your data can't be safer & no intruders on your your internal network with wired network authentication
  • your meeting room is ready: status icons on the wallpaper indicate if your meeting room peripherals are ready for use
  • high quality resolution: remote participants see the meeting room view in  720p quality
  • adaptive audio quality:improved call audio quality & robustness in any Wi-Fi environment
  • Google Cast support for CX-20 and CX-30
  • Improved Miracast support on the CX-50
  • New REST API
  • 更高的可维护性

What’s new for ClickShare CS(E)?

  • enhanced BYOD performance
  • impeccable sharing wit Airplay
  • optimized Miracast support on CSE-200+
  • ClickShare Button DFS Support
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection Wi-Fi Channel support when integrating the Button into a corporate network (all devices, NA/US and EU SKU)
  • updated ClickShare Desktop App on the Button


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