The impressive visual display Barco realized for PSA’s digital imaging room consists of three juxtaposed screens, each 5.9m wide and 2.5m tall, hanging on gliders. Each screen is powered by a Barco XLM projector, that delivers a native 2048 x 1080 pixel resolution at 25,000 ANSI lumens brightness. The projectors are hidden in a false ceiling and project onto a mirror that folds the light-path, to adapt the projection throw distance to the room space available. The XLM’s DMD engines are fully sealed to protect them against smoke and dust.

The projectors are linked to a Barco multi-input, multi-display controller, which offers a wide range of effects with images from a cluster of eight PCs, DVD and VHS video sources and two laptops. Management teams can review up to three scale 1:1 car designs simultaneously in an impressive show, supported by a full surround audio system.