To allow for a full 1080p HD resolution, Barco replaced the originally installed Barco Gemini single-channel projection system with a VR Workroom. The Barco VR Workroom is powered by two native 1080p HD iCon projectors equipped with passive circular polarization filters, which offer excellent stereo separation independent of the viewing angle. With comfortable lightweight stereo glasses, designers enjoy full freedom of motion and excellent depth perception when they examine the car design from different perspectives. Thanks to the VR Workroom’s integrated server, up to four sources can be simultaneously displayed in scalable windows on the 5.24 m wide and 2.95m high PASCAD screen.

The passive stereo projection display upgrade is part of multiple Barco display system projects at PSA Peugeot Citroën’s Vélizy Technical Centre, and will help research and innovation engineers to design cars with a minimum of physical prototyping as well as rapidly validate working assumptions.