The Renault F1 Team is a consistently innovative force in Formula 1. With F1 engine development frozen by FIA regulations, aerodynamics is the last great area where innovation is the deciding factor. For this reason, the Renault F1 Team decided to invest in a dedicated Computational Aerodynamics Research facility. In this way, the Renault F1 Team saves millions of dollars compared with the alternative of building a second wind tunnel.

The Renault F1 Team conceived its new CAR Center near Oxford, UK not just as an aerodynamics research hub, but also to showcase its achievements and capabilities to sponsors and visitors. In both areas, visualization is a key stepping stone to success. “Only Barco could provide us with the high-quality display equipment we needed for both goals,” states John Mardle, Operations Director for the Renault F1 Team.

Three Barco Galaxy NH-12 projectors drive the center’s display wall from behind a 7m wide screen, which was also custom-built by Barco. With special edge blending, color and brightness matching technologies, Barco ensures that the composite image of the three projectors remains free of disturbances. An equally important task for Barco was to design visualization that would help convey the Renault F1 Team’s prestige as a leading team in Formula 1. For the CAR Center’s exhibition area, Barco installed a Barco NX-4 LED display wall. “With its 4mm pixel pitch, it displays images with sharp detail even from a reasonably close distance, and immediately draws attention with its bright colors,” comments Mr. Mardle. In addition, Barco installed its CLM R10+ projector in the Heritage & Communication Centre, adjacent to the CAR Center. “Thanks to Barco’s display technology,” concludes Mr. Mardle, “we simultaneously improve the aerodynamic design of our cars, and underline our prestigious brand image with top-notch visualization.”