Promoting the new Volkswagen Passat, polish VW distributor Kulczyk Tradex centered a whole campaign around mass media advertisement visibility - including TV, daily newspapers and the most popular magazines, internet, billboards and more. An integral part of the campaign was to show the real car and its innovative possibilities to the public - that was achived by the roadshow called „VW Passat Show”.

The goal indicated by the client was to emphasize the innovations in new Passat using the innovative form of the event, offering something unique and uncommon.

The company that invented the campaign was JUST - one of the biggest creative agencies in Poland, there was also Mediaconcept agency as the roadshow and event producer and finally MOOV as the multimedia and projection producer responsible for multimedia equipment and service, animations and mapping creation.

The project was realized as the roadshow. Therefore the whole exposition had to be easily movable and easy to duplicate it each time.

The shows were organised in the most popular and frequently visited places as fairs and the „premium class" shopping centers and were open to the public.

It has been started in Poznan at Motor Show trade fair in March 2011, which was visited by more than 40 thousand people. After the premiere at Motor Show it was repeated in the main Polish cities by May 2011.

Four projectiondesign F82 1080 resolution projectors utilising 3-chip DLP technology have been used for the car projection. With its high brightness at up to 10000 lumens it is perfect for the task, and the combined resolution of the entire animation is nearly 8k.

The projections on the car were done using 3D mapping technique in which the 3D animation is displayed on a real (three-dimensional) object. Thanks to this kind of projection one can create virtually any illusion - e.g. moving or emerging object.

Four projectors corresponded to four animation sequences displayed both on the individual elements of the exposition and on the car. We wanted to create the largest projection surface area compared to the surface area of the exposition, so that the spectator participating in the show experienced the feeling of the projection surrounding him or her. This, in turn, required the use of short focal length lenses (i.e. wide-angle lenses). We also wanted to achieve the maximum contrast of the displayed image, thus we have used the projectors with the DynamicBlack function, based on the dynamic narrowing of the aperture in the projectors lens, which is crucial in displaying the night scenes and essential for high contrast animation.

The animation was displayed using the unique Dataton WATCHOUT system enabling the synchronised projection from any number of media servers in this particular case, five devices: four servers responsible for the animation and one controlling server, which also played the special effects sounds and music. It was vital to use the warping geometry calibration function, which enables the precise adjustment of the animated image on the surface. Once the exposition was set, every projector had to be properly calibrated and their colours had to be synchronised (i.e. ColourMatching), while the exposition utilises a number of different projection materials which vary and respond differently to the illumination of the exposition. The Real Color function was extremely useful.