Millions of young children nurture an ambition to one day become a Formula 1 racing driver but, sadly, very few ever get to fulfil their dream. Now Let's Race offers the next best thing – thanks to an immersive AV experience featuring a trio of F32 DLP projectors from Norway’s projectiondesign.

The Centre’s main race room offers 10 custom-designed driving simulators, with seats, safety harnesses, steering wheels, pedals, and other engineering details taken directly from racing-car designs. When combined with a full motion system, the simulators are as close to the F1 experience as you can get without actually travelling around a circuit. 

Nick Dunn, Center Manager, Let's Race explains: “The simulators have been designed by racing drivers for racing drivers and our center near Gatwick Airport in the U.K. is the first to offer such equipment for everybody to come along and use. Being sat in an authentic seating position and looking forward using three 21” screens that give a wide field of vision takes a bit of getting used to, but when you do it’s a truly immersive experience. One of the integral parts of our race room are the fantastic projectors from projectiondesign that truly add to our center’s offering and having projectiondesign as a technology partner of Let's Race is something that I am personally very proud of.”

The three F32 projectors are ceiling-mounted above the simulators and fire HD-quality video images that give the spectators to the racing an added dimension to their own experience. The first shows live timing data of the same detail that you would get watching the feed directly from a race team’s pit lane information screen, the second shows the track being raced from a “birds eye” view so that individual cars can be tracked by supporters and the third shows real time footage of the race using a system which we call PTR TV.

The projectiondesign F32s were specified by systems integrator Avensys, which designed and implemented the high-performance AV infrastructure for the Gatwick Racing Centre. As well as video, the system distributes audio around the room, so that each driver hears the engine sound of their own car through headphones, while the ‘crowd’ hears a mix of all the car effects through ceiling speakers installed alongside the projectors.

“The F32 setup offers an extra element to the proceedings and produces a lot of oohs and aahs from whoever is watching the race,” concludes Dunn. “We get a lot of comments from customers about the outstanding colour and image quality, and have found ourselves recommending projectiondesign to many people. We want to give our guests the best experience possible, and projectiondesign makes this happen.”

Let's Race is a great showcase of how projectiondesign technology can be used for fun and team building exercises. projectiondesign has also worked with Let's Race facility and their team to host Academy training and education programmes for partners and events. We’re very proud to be a partner of Let's Race and to work with Avensys on this project who chose us for the installation.