Barco LED-lit video wall ensures a clear view on Macedonian news

To stay on top of its game, public broadcasting company Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) recently invested in a new news studio equipped with an impressive Barco video wall.

“We have been relying on multiple Barco solutions like broadcast reference monitors for over thirty years now and have always been impressed by the level of quality and service,” explained Cane Petrusevski, Chief Engineer at MRT. “So when we started looking for a video backdrop solution, it was obvious that Barco was the right way to go.”

Barco partners Ebrasco and Neocom installed Barco’s OVL-515 LED-lit video wall modules in a 7 x 3 set-up. “The OVL-515 allows us to display bright and clear images and videos, even with lots of lights on in the studio,” Petrusevski continued. “Besides delivering quality images, it also ensures low maintenance and a high, long-term reliability. Barco’s video technology really helps us fulfill our mission to satisfy the public information needs of the Macedonian people!”