Henry Schein Practice Solutions在美国犹他州American Fork设立了新的总部,这里也作为新的卓越中心 (Center of Excellence),采用了更新的数字牙科设备和技术,以及业内更具创新性的产品。Henry Schein的全新卓越中心秉承“善者诸事顺”的理念,不仅为其Practice Solutions部门成立先进的总部,而且为犹他州American Fork的贫困居民提供免费的口腔护理。

As a supporter of philanthropy for medically underserved populations around the world, Barco eagerly donated nearly a dozen of its Eonis displays to the Center to facilitate patient exams, as well as dental training programs. The Eonis display includes the features that dentists need: precise images, exceptional cleanability, and an attractive, versatile design. It’s a welcome addition to any modern dentist’s office, helping to put patients at ease by presenting crystal clear, detailed diagnostic information to facilitate treatment planning.


Kevin Bunker, President, Henry Schein North America Dental Practice Solutions states:  “Barco’s medical displays significantly raise the bar for digital radiography, improving the ability of dentists to diagnose and treat patients more effectively.”