UVK Multicines是秘鲁一家著名的电影播放公司,提供家庭娱乐和奢华影院服务。UVK Multicines渴望快速升级其影院,以在其连锁电影院提供更高端的数字投影服务。巴可公司与数字影院集成商影院设备及用品公司 (Cinema Equipment & Supplies) 合作,新近完成了向数字化投影的转换,从而实现动画质量的提升。

“Thanks to a very competitive package offered by Barco, CE+S and GDC, we were able to obtain industry-leading projectors and attractive financing to meet our objectives,” Monica Ubillus, Director Manager of UVK Multicines. “They worked seamlessly together to meet our very aggressive timeframe, providing top-notch service and support all along the way, from planning through full implementation.”

The total package – products, service and support
In addition to providing a wide range of industry-leading projectors, Barco has invested significant resources in many parts of Latin America, establishing local parts depots at eight locations and offering installation and advanced service certification training is available in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Mexico City, Mexico; and Sacramento, California.