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“The Coronis Uniti is a large part of our technology excellence strategy to deliver better patient care,” comments Stan Casteel, Director of Imaging at Hamilton Health Care System. “Quality is number one, with operational efficiency – from both a cost and productivity perspective – a close second. Uniti is definitely more cost-effective in that it is one display, versus multiple displays. The simplicity and universality of Uniti, of having the quality to read everything you need from mammo to an extremity X-ray, improves our radiologist productivity.”

The Coronis Uniti has liberated radiologists from a standalone mammography station, allowing them to read breast images wherever they’re located, greatly streamlining workflow and balancing the diagnostic workload. The ability to view both grayscale and color on the extra-large display is a huge timesaver, saving clicks and reducing repetitive motion, while the recently patented I-Luminate™ technology allows radiologists to temporarily brighten the screen, while facilitating viewing of fi lm priors on the display using the lightbox feature.