The UDX 4K40 delivered stunning experience with high-brightness images and a compact but powerful format that simplifies installation.


Over 555 meters tall, the skyscraper Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea is a world-renowned landmark with 123 floors. Inspired by traditional Korean art forms for the design of interior event spaces, this sleek tapered tower stands out from Seoul’s rocky, mountainous topography. Over the years, the Lotte World Tower has served as a ‘true storyteller’ of the city – reading the stories and wishes of the city through majestic projections.

Barco partnered with Good Media, turning 6th to 12th floor of the magnificent Lotte World Tower into an artistic display for the people - projecting images through the UDX-4K40 projectors. Installation for the project was completed by mid-October 2019, and the projection was live from then till January 2020.

Projecting Unbelievable Experiences

Barco’s UDX-4K40 features 4K UHD resolution and 37,500 lumens light output, ensuring a flawless display with accurate colors. With its Constant Light Output (CLO) functionality the projection mapping on Lotte World Tower exhibited a wide color spectrum, seamlessly creating a rich artistic experience.

The high-brightness laser projectors delivered razor-sharp 4K images. As a result, the six floors of Lotte World Tower transformed into a truly splendid canvas for the projection, giving the landmark a whole new edge.


Barco Solution

  • UDX-4K40 projector - 6 Units

Key Benefits

  • High-brightness images
  • More lumens from the same format
  • Savings on installation and shipping time
  • Laser phosphor light source for reduced costs
  • 24/7 operation