May 09, 2019

Barco remains on track to reach its ambitious carbon footprint goal by 2020

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Sustainability is one of the focus points of Barco, and we have described a number of ambitious goals to be achieved by 2020. A major target is to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations by 20% by 2020 (compared to the year 2015). And we are very proud to announce that we continue to cruise on the right track: in 2018, we crossed the -16% mark.

Investing in LED lighting in our facilities

There are three main sources of CO2 emissions in our own operations:  infrastructure (use of electricity, natural gas, ... in offices, warehouses and manufacturing plants), mobility (home-work commuting of employees, business travel, …), and logistics (transport of incoming goods and outgoing finished products).

Zooming into the infrastructure part, we see that all Barco sites worldwide are taking measures to use power more sensibly. Our Noida (India) site for example, has completely made the switch to LED lighting. This has reduced the electricity consumption of the site by an estimated 10%. Combined with other measures, the complete site has reduced CO2 emissions by 14%.

Barco carbon footprint reductionLearning not to fly

Mobility is a part that Barco struggled with in the past, finding it hard to control business travel. A more strict policy, introduced in 2018, resulted in a decrease of business travel by 7% compared to base year 2015.

The biggest CO2 emission reduction, comes from the logistics part of our operations – which also accounts for the bulk of our carbon footprint. In 2018 we focused on shifting from air transportation to sea transportation when shipping goods from Europe to the Americas. In 2017, naval transport accounted for 7% of the total tonnage shipped to the Americas. In 2018, this number increased to 21%. This achievement, which took a lot of team effort, is a main contributor to the total reduction of our emissions.

These great results motivate us to continue our efforts, and further work towards the 2020 target.




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