Feb 11, 2021

Discover our annual report in a new, integrated format

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We’re proud to present: Barco’s 2020 annual, integrated report. In a new look, and in a new format!

Traditional reporting

In the past, annual reports were heavily focused on financials. The result? Long documents stacked with financial numbers only that would offer a lot of information, but that would not always be easy to process and reflect a very narrow view on a company’s value creation process.

With environmental, economic and social challenges becoming more pressing every year, it is important that companies are transparent about their goals and commitments. Not just to provide different external stakeholders with the information they need, but also to give a clear overall view towards internal stakeholders.

New format

Over the past year, we already took the first steps towards more holistic reporting. We received positive feedback on the fact that our 2019 report provided separate information on financial and non-financial KPIs, and our sustainability report has offered deep dives into our environmental commitments. This year, all of the above have been gathered in one report.

“We’re taking another leap forward in our reporting and have put in place a solid framework, ready for today and tomorrow,” says Carl Vanden Bussche, VP Investor Relations at Barco. “To underpin our commitment to sustainability and long-term value creation, we replaced our familiar annual and sustainability reports by one state-of-the art integrated report.”

This new approach reduces complexity, and makes it possible to present the data in a more dynamic and visual way. The report also connects smoothly with additional information such as videos, press releases or whitepapers.

So don’t hesitate to take a look!





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