3D is fascinating. It allows us to bring flat images to life in three dimensions. Over the years, 3D – and specifically 3D projection – has gotten much better than in the early days. Thanks to laser light sources, projectors can generate more brightness. And more brightness means better 3D image quality. Through high frame rate 3D, images become even more realistic. All these evolutions have led to a radically improved 3D viewing experience.

Watch the movie to learn more

The educational movie below shows how 3D projection works and explains how the illusion of depth is created in an image.

3D in cinema, virtual reality, and simulation

3D is used in a wide range of markets such as cinema, virtual reality, and simulation. In cinema, 3D projection treats you to a lifelike movie experience. Realistic immersion is equally important in virtual reality. For testing purposes, design prototypes need to be true-to-life. Simulation technology mixes realistic images with challenging, real-world scenarios to create a training environment that takes people beyond the boundaries of reality. Only then can trainees truly prepare for the challenges they might face in the line of duty.

Which 3D option is available on which Barco projector?

The table below provides an overview of the 3D options that are available on our different projector models.

  Active 3D  Active color separation Passive color separation  Polarized 
RLM series  x    
RLS series       
HDX series      x
HDF series     
HDQ series     
F22 series      optional  optional 
F35 series    optional  optional 
F50 series   optional  optional 
F70 series       
F90 series      
L series     
LHC series     
BLP series     
CLP series     
SLP series     
B series  x
C series 
S series 
E series 
Galaxy 4K