Reach for the stars, immerse into infinity

Humankind has always had the urge to understand the unknown and explore new worlds. We want to go where we can’t go. See the invisible. Grasp the ungraspable.

Planetariums open the gates to the secrets of the universe with unique insights and leave us in awe of the beauty of our earth and the worlds beyond.

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A cosmic journey

A journey to the stars, a field trip to the moon, search for life out there or spectacles of cosmic collisions. The best planetariums deliver a mix of unique insights with entertaining experiences. 

Invite your visitors on an inspirational exploration of the night sky and leave a lasting impression with immersive cosmic settings that call upon their imagination. 

Reach for the stars with innovative technologies to showcase unique, magical and unforgettable experiences.

Technology passport to the universe

When dealing with such a spectacular beautiful content like the cosmos; image quality, brightness and contrast are key. Visualize the immenseness of far-away galaxies in perfect detail - from the brightest suns to the darkest black holes.

Technology is the invisible star of your planetarium. It’s there to serve your story. It should be flawless and non-intrusive to generate consistent immersion and to keep your guests engaged at all times.

With a high level of reliability and outstanding performance, Barco’s cutting-edge visualization and screen management solutions offer a unique passport to deliver out-of-this-world experiences.


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