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PVR goes 100% laser projection with Cinionic

Barcelona, June 21, 2022 – PVR Cinemas, the largest and most premium film exhibition company in India, announces an expanded preferred partnership agreement with Cinionic, the world’s leading provider of laser cinema solutions, to power 500 screens with Barco Series 4 4K laser projection. On completion of the rollout on new and existing screens, PVR will be the first exhibition chain in India to go 100% 4K RGB laser projection. The announcement was made at CineEurope, the largest European convention and trade show for major, regional, and independent cinema exhibitors, which is taking place this week in Barcelona.

The award-winning Barco Series 4 family from Cinionic features next-generation 4K laser projection that supports sustainability with reduced waste, lower energy consumption, and an extended lifetime. The thoughtfully designed Series 4 moves away from the use of consumables, utilizing reusable components like air filters, and the laser light source eliminates the need for lamps and their subsequent replacement and disposal. All models within this leading laser projection range are also exceptionally efficient, reducing power consumption with smart power management, minimized heat dissipation, and increased operational efficiency. 

Speaking about the technological upgrade, Mr. Ajay Bijli, Chairman and Managing Director, PVR Limited said, “PVR is aligned to the Climate Action SDG goal of the United Nations and has committed to lower its emission and reduce its carbon footprint. The BARCO Series 4 4K RGB laser projectors is a sustainable investment from PVR as part of its endeavor to make changes in operational practices for reducing emissions and conserve energy for a sustainable future”.

This announcement continues a long-standing partnership between PVR and Cinionic as together they work to elevate the cinematic experience for audiences in India. Laser Projection by Cinionic delivers exceptional presentation quality with vivid colors, high brightness, and clear on-screen images. Through the expanded agreement with Cinionic, PVR will also benefit from Cinionic’s enhanced services with Cinionic Cloud, a digital platform for managed services through remote connectivity, improving the performance and optimizing the cost of operation over time. Cinionic services help to ensure worry-free operations for cinemas, by monitoring the health of the projector, predicting service interventions in advance, and minimizing screen downtime.

“PVR continues to enhance the theatrical experience for India, offering cinematic excellence and a commitment to a sustainable future,” added Wim Buyens, CEO, Cinionic. “We are proud to expand our strong relationship with PVR to deliver a fully laser-powered theatrical experience. The eco-friendly Barco Series 4 offers audiences across India a greener way to go to the movies.”

In observing evolving trends in the cinema exhibition industry, energy-efficient and eco-friendly product designs are gaining momentum. Energy is no longer simply an internal cost factor. Today’s leading exhibitors are looking for ways to reach their sustainability goals without sacrificing quality and identifying how every part of their cinema value chain can contribute towards supporting a greener value proposition.

About Cinionic

Founded in 2018 as the Barco cinema joint venture, Cinionic unites global leaders committed to creating a new visual standard and moving the cinema industry forward. Cinionic’s future-ready enhanced services and technology solutions provide compelling cinema experiences. The company’s world-class technology portfolio includes award-winning laser projectors, HDR, integrated media servers, and premium cinema experiences, among other innovations. 

With more than 100,000 projectors installed globally, Cinionic is trusted by more than 200 exhibitors to help capture audiences at multiple touchpoints in their cinema journey and keep them coming back for more. Today, more than half of the world’s movie theaters are illuminated by Cinionic. Cinionic has offices in Belgium, the United States, Mexico, Australia, and Hong Kong.

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About PVR Limited

PVR is an industry leader in India in the film exhibition business dedicated to delivering the best cinema experience to different audiences. It currently operates 858 screens across 174 properties in 75 cities (India and Sri Lanka) and serves over 100 million patrons annually. Since its inception in 1997, the brand has redefined the way out-of-home entertainment is consumed in the country. The Company offers a wide range of cinema services such as child friendly audis, the latest screening technology, superior sound systems, wide range of F&B offerings, diverse content for regional movie goers, an array of formats in the premium screen category such as Director’s Cut, LUXE, Sapphire, IMAX, 4DX, P[XL], Playhouse and PVR Onyx. 

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